Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

A children’s musical based on the book by Mo Willems ©2009
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Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

Script & Lyrics by Robert Kauzlaric
Music by Paul Gilvary

GENRE: Family musical comedy
LENGTH: 50-60 minutes
CAST: 2 females, 3-4 males

Unlike other naked mole rats, young Wilbur loves to wear clothes. By daring to defy social tradition, Wilbur makes life miserable for himself and his best friend. When the teasing and bullying at school get out of control, the pups take their case before Grand-pah: the greatest, wisest, and most naked naked mole rat ever. Will Grand-pah crush Wilbur’s self-expression, or open the door of acceptance to a misunderstood outsider? A heartwarming lesson on tolerance, in a musical adaptation for the whole family.

“A colorful, high-energy, thoroughly charming stage adaptation” —The Chicago Reader

“Kauzlaric’s expansion is really strong… the play communicates the difficulty and triumph of choosing acceptance over repudiation” —Time Out Chicago Kids

“Chock-full of family fun” —Make It Better

Premiered March 2012, Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL)

Production photo by Paul Metreyeon

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