The 13 Clocks

Based on the book by James Thurber ©1950
For licensing & perusal script, contact Robert here.

The 13 Clocks

GENRE: Family fairy tale/adventure
LENGTH: 60 minutes
CAST: 3 males, 1 female, 1 either (10-15 actors possible)
SET: Flexible set

On a faraway island, a wicked Duke has locked his niece in a high tower. When Prince Zorn of Zorna, in disguise as a wandering minstrel, learns of Saralinda’s fate, he vows to free her — even if it means traveling thrice around the moon or turning November into June. Join Zorn on an unforgettable adventure complete with swordplay and song, spies and monsters, mysterious wizards, and magic spells to be broken. A modern twist on classic fairy tales, filled with wit, humor, and heart.

“Adapted for the stage by Lifeline’s Jeff Award-winning Robert Kauzlaric, the story covers a timeless fairy-tale theme—daring prince rescues lovely princess from gloomy fate… Although this tale is far from mere child’s play, the existence of the beautiful princess keeps young audiences enthralled. Meanwhile, the fast-paced dialogue and action keeps the often-twisty plotline moving. Your kids may not catch all the characters’ interrelations, but that’s not essential to this fairytale, where good naturally triumphs over evil—and we get a few lessons along the way about believing in yourself.” —Time Out Chicago Kids

“There is a lot of adventure to be had… The story moves quickly and there are whimsical characters, magical spells, puppetry and monsters… [My daughter] and I are going to re-read this classic tale for years to come and highly recommend that kids and their parents should see this show.” —Chicago Stage Style

Premiered October 2011, Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL)

Production photo by Paul Metreyeon

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