The Woman in White

Based on the novel by Wilkie Collins
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The Woman in White

GENRE: Mystery/Drama
LENGTH: Full-length, two acts, 160 minutes
CAST: 4 females, 5 males (up to 21 actors possible: 9 females, 12 males)
SET: Flexible set

Trapped in a loveless marriage and threatened by a conspiracy of ruthless men, young heiress Laura Fairlie faces a future of sorrow and misery. Her only hope lies with her true love, the poor artist Walter Hartright, and her sister Marian Halcombe, both of whom will risk everything to protect her. Without the law, society, or money on their side, Walter and Marian must race against time to free their beloved Laura and uncover the truth behind the mysterious woman in white that shares her face. A dark tale of romance and suspense.

Premiered September 2012, Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL)

Production photo by Suzanne Plunkett

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